Hi, I am Mahmud Farooque. I am a Professional web developer and user interface designer. I am very passionate about mountain trekking and photography. I have written few blogs and articles about my travel here My Travell.info and I have done a lot of photography where you can find me on flickr at https://www.flickr.com/photos/mahmudfarooque/
and 500px at https://500px.com/farooque7

I have started my Web Development career as a Front-End Web designer and gradually developed my skills to many web technologies and still learning and giving myself the best chance to use all the latest web technologies that are useful to any of my available projects that I am working on.

At the beginning I started to make websites with HTML/CSS and designed web templates via Photoshop and Illustrator by following online tutorials and I have never looked back since.  Although I had CCNA certification and wanted to start my career as a Network Engineer, but I have ended up starting my career to Web Developing and outsourcing companies.

I have come a long way from 2003 and I was never afraid of trying new things. I have experience with Joomla, Mambo then WordPress and worked with a team environment of web apps building in MVC framework. My part was to build the User Interface and User Experience design (UI / UX) for the web application or website that are either build with WordPress or any other CMS or even custom development. I am really good at HTML5 / CSS3 / SASS / LESS etc.

I have mastered the application interface design for any web apps and user experience design for any website. I am fast and accurate on making Photoshop Template to Web Interface.

My Resume 
Doc – Mahmud_resume
PDF – Mahmud_resume

Mahmud Farooque
Email – [email protected]
Skype – mmhfarooque
Call + Whatsapp – +8801726692722